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Recently Published

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June 2018

May 2018

Jellyfish Locomotion (Richard Satterlie)

April 2018

Raptor Vision (Mindaugas Mitkus, Simon Potier, Graham R. Martin, Olivier Duriez, Almut Kelber)

March 2018

The Functional Organization of Vertebrate Retinal Circuits for Vision (Tom Baden, Timm Schubert, Philipp Berens, Thomas Euler)

February 2018

Annelid Vision (Cynthia M. Harley, Mark K. Asplen)
Cephalochordate Nervous System (Simona Candiani, Mario Pestarino)
Hemichordate Nervous System (Norio Miyamoto, Hiroshi Wada)

January 2018

Drosophila Olfaction (Quentin Gaudry, Jonathan Schenk)
Echinoderm Nervous System (Carlos A. Díaz-Balzac, José E. García-Arrarás)
Neuroimmunology: Behavioral Effects (Gretchen N. Neigh, Mandakh Bekhbat, Sydney A. Rowson)
Visual Shape and Object Perception (Anitha Pasupathy, Yasmine El-Shamayleh, Dina V. Popovkina)

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