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Recently Published

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June 2017

Caenorhabditis elegans Feeding Behaviors (Nicolas Dallière, Lindy Holden-Dye, James Dillon, Vincent O'Connor, Robert J. Walker)

May 2017

Auditory Hair Cells and Sensory Transduction (Jeffrey R. Holt, Gwenaëlle S.G. Géléoc)
Crayfish Escape (Donald Edwards)
Hypothalamic Control of Female Reproduction (Brian P. Kenealy, Ei Terasawa)
Motion Processing in Primates (Tyler S. Manning, Kenneth H. Britten)

April 2017

Raptor Vision (Simon Potier, Mindaugas Mitkus, Olivier Duriez, Almut Kelber, Graham Martin), summary
Steroids and Plasticity (Alyssa L. Pedersen, Colin J. Saldanha)

March 2017

Crustacean Olfaction (Charles Derby, Manfred Schmidt)
Invertebrate Nociception (Nathaniel J. Himmel, Atit A. Patel, Daniel N. Cox)

February 2017

Behavioral Neuroendocrinology of Female Aggression (Natalia Duque-Wilckens, Brian C. Trainor)
Drosophila Olfaction (Quentin Gaudry, Jonathan Schenk), summary
Thalamocortical Interactions for Sensory Processing (Jose M. Alonso, Harvey A. Swadlow)

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